How to get a column not to be filtered

May 21, 2012 at 8:46 PM

My AutoGenerate columns is false. I feed the JibGrid a list of users. Each user has a password that I dont want filterable. How do I turn off the filter on a specific column ? can it be done in XAML?


<sdk:DataGridTemplateColumn  Header="P6 User Password"  Width="Auto" SortMemberPath="P6Password"  >
                                            <PasswordBox Password="{Binding P6Password}" Margin="5" VerticalAlignment="Center" PasswordChar="*" IsEnabled="False" Style="{StaticResource PasswordBoxStyleDisabled}" VerticalContentAlignment="Center" />
                                            <PasswordBox Password="{Binding P6Password, Mode=TwoWay}" Margin="5" VerticalAlignment="Center" PasswordChar="*" VerticalContentAlignment="Center"/>