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When underlying items source changes, the filters don't change automatically..


First off...awesome job on this grid. It's simple for me to implement and easy for users to use and understand. Well done!
My issue isn't actually an issue, but more like a suggestion. I fought for days trying to figure out how to get the grid to 'reset', for lack of a better term.
Like most apps, mine has other controls on the form that let the user determine a value that is used in the selection of records that go into the Jib grid. In my case, it's a date range. When the date range changes, the underlying items source (FilteredItemsSource) is replaced with the new data (actually an ObservableCollection). However, I found that the lists (in the filters) still reflected the old data after switching item sources.
Several days and many face-palms later, I finally discovered that there was a simple method for resetting the headers (.ResetColumnHeaders()). I've added it to my method that performs the new item source assignment, and it's triggered immediately after the assignment is made.
I would like to suggest that giving the control a new FilteredItemsSource should trigger the header reset automatically.
Thanks for listening...